Web design based on the color scheme of the brand and the domain area recommended customization

Web Development

The right web development solution that fits a website

Google ("on-site") SEO

Optimizing the placement of keywords in every important HTML tag of the website

Website Loading Speed

Photo compression, minimization of CSS / JS code, correct order when loading components from the site

About me

I am a passionate web developer

Hello, I'm Aurel Drăguț, a web developer with over 10 years experience in website development. I started as a programmer in 2007 and have been a full-time freelancer since 2015.

I love what I do and am always up to date with the latest technology to implement modern solutions that are compatible with the needs of my customers. I like to think that I and each of my customers can team up and our business can help each other, which makes me offer the best web services every time.



Check the regular updates for plugins / themes, online status monitoring, regular backups, various updates and more …


Creation of a website with a maximum of 5 pages, recommended for companies as an online business card and other related services …


Einrichtung eines Online-Shops, Hinzufügen von Produkten, Konfiguration des Transports und Bezahlung von Produkten sowie weitere notwendige Einrichtungen.


Optimize the loading speed of a website by optimizing images and HTML and CSS codes, configuring the cache and GZIP compression as well as other necessary operations …


Creation of product management applications / inventory / orders or synchronization between platforms and other …


Create more complex websites with dynamic content (advertising websites, dating websites or other platforms that require custom programming …

My Portfolio





    R&R Business Partners

    R&R Business Partners



    Fiziolife Estetique

    Fiziolife Estetique

    HR Specialist

    HR Specialist

My Blog

How to build a website using WordPress

  • Aurel Dragut
  • February 19, 2020

Building a website using WordPress is getting easier by every day. At the beginning you create a database, an user to add to that database, you download the WordPress archive from https://wordpress.org/, unzip it, upload it to the hosting account where you have setup the website’s domain, modify the wp-config.php file with the MySQL data …

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The development / creation of a website

  • Aurel Dragut
  • February 5, 2020

The development/creation of a website can be done in many different ways, you just have to choose the best option available. Here, WordPress is wining a big part of the market, because of the way it simplifies this process. At the beginning, WordPress was just used for blogs and it was very well seen by …

The development / creation of a website Read More »

How it started…

  • Aurel Dragut
  • January 10, 2020

It was in the winter of 2006, when a neighbour proposed me to get a job on his advertising company and I said “why not? what would I loose?” I went there, I started working and I got my first project: a financial job postings site, where companies could visit and add their job offers …

How it started… Read More »

Contact me


Mutterstadt, 67112, Deutschland




+49 170 43 87 504

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