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Turn Your Idea into a Website

Your idea(s) combined with my expertise can develop into a website that can help you reach your goals


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Have a Website?

Then let me take a look and see how can we make it better so it can really help you reach your goals

What can I do for you

I am the guy that can take care of your website so you can focus better on your business, by doing the followings:

Plugins Updates

Updates for all the plugins in order to avoid any security issues, followed by checking if the updates require additional setup.

WordPress Update

As soon as a new update is launched, I check if everything is compatible with the new version and update it if tests are passed well.

Accessibility and loading times

I setup a monitor for website availability and check periodically for any drops in loading speed in every day of the week.

New content and layouts

At your request, I can take care of adding new content and posible layout changes that may be required for that.

Regular reports

I will be sending you regular reports regarding all my activity on your website(s), including speed changes, GDPR status, etc.

Regular security checks

I run periodical tests to check if there security issues, any malware installed and any backdoors that may allow hackers to connect.

Repairs and support

I can repair code issues that come from different software updates and give you suport on any question related to WordPress.

Complete cloud backups

I create additional backups on secure servers in the EU - including the MySQL database and all necessary data.

WooCommerce maintenance

I can also offer maintenance services for Woocommerce shops.

The whole process is very simple

Book a package and share access to the WordPress website

You book the maintenance package that is right for you and send me encrypted administrator access data to your WordPress website.

Next I set up my maintenance service within the next 24 hours

After just 24 hours, you will be rid of the worry with your current WordPress website. I set up my maintenance service in the background, as if by magic.

Your website is secured and you get a report every month

Every day my system diligently does all the checks you have booked and you receive a report every month. If bugs are fixed or content is inserted, you will also find out immediately. *

* Maintenance Plus and Maintenance Gold

Now choose your suitable package

Basic Maintenance

Premium Maintenance

Deluxe Maintenance

If you have any questions
related to the maintenance packages
send me a message using the form
and I will answer you as soon as posible

    WordPress maintenance without any kind of stress: Avoid any kind of technical problems or security vulnerabilities

    WordPress is one of the top three CMS used all over the world, along with Joomla, Drupal and others, and, because of that is highly targeted by hackers that use use their own bots to check for core / plugin vulnerabilities.

    In order to keep your site safe and smoothly running, you need to be always up-to-date with any kind of bug that appears on the WordPress core or any plugin/theme that you have installed.

    That is an activity that requires a decent amount of time that you should rather use to improve the development of your business. In the end, all you have to do is to take advantage of all the experience that I have aquired in the latest years.