How it started…

It was in the winter of 2006, when a neighbour proposed me to get a job on his advertising company and I said “why not? what would I loose?” I went there, I started working and I got my first project: a financial job postings site, where companies could visit and add their job offers and jobseekers could visit, add their CVs and apply to different jobs. If I remember well, I worked with PHP 4, XHTML (I don’t remember the MYSQL version that I used at that time) and I learned all that I needed to know at that time while I was working on that project. The company didn’t survive more than a few months because the people in charge with getting the projects were not succeeding in that area.

A few months later, the owner of that project contacted me to work further on the project but directly with them. In the meantime, we started a hosting company with minimum investments. But the lack of experience in managing the company, all the new romanian financial laws and the financial crysis that started in the late of 2008, made us to decide on closing the company. Since then, I worked occasionaly on different projects until August 2015, when I got a new very interesting project to work on and when I realised that I should focus more on this activity as a web developer and forget about other kind of jobs.

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