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How to build a website using WordPress

Building a website using WordPress is getting easier by every day. At the beginning you create a database, an user to add to that database, you download the WordPress archive from, unzip it, upload it to the hosting account where you have setup the website’s domain, modify the wp-config.php file with the MySQL data (database name, database user and password) and after all these steps you go to http://path-to-wordpress-installation/wp-admin/install.php and start the setup. Or, if the hosting company provides you access to a CPanel with Softaculous, you can just install WordPress by filling a form there.

So, WordPress software is installed, the next step would be the content and posible plugins required to display videos or images galleries if they are included in your content. Once you have a basic idea about the structure of the most important pages, you can search for the proper template that would fit your needs the best, or you can use basic themes like Astra (which is the theme that I am using the most), Hello Theme, or, you want something very very basic/clean, you can go for an Underscores template.

Next, you can search for page builder plugin like Elementor (which is the page builder that I am using the most), Divi or Visual Composer (which is the first page builder I discovered, not sure if it’s the first one). These page builders can help you also a lot with the structure and the responsiveness (mobile friendly version) of every page.

When you are done with the content, you need to start looking wether you may need to optimize the website’s loading speed by optizing every image, compressing content and other stuff that would help. The latest steps would those regarding any marketing requirements or search engine optimization for Google or any other search engine.

Header Photo Source: Best Free Theme for Elementor – Astra Theme is Built for Elementor

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